How to create a new well on the Extranet

Tuesday, 20 April 2010 21:55 Eric Arnoldy

This article will walk you through creating a new well on the Extranet.

  1. Login to the Extranet by going to (If you're interested, see this article to learn about a custom URL for your clients with your logo!)

  2. In the wells module (top-left position), click on Real-time dashboard for a well that is currently drilling.  Click on Archives to add a well that has completed.

    The wells module on the extranet

  3. Click on the Add button to add a new well.  Please note, if creating a well that is currently drilling, the well should automatically be created in the dashboard.  When an MLogger has an internet connection, it will call into the Extranet and automatically create a well on the Real-time Dashboard link.  If an MLogger does not have internet connected, it will not automatically create the well.  Please click here for more information about well auto-creation.

  4. Enter as much info as you have into the fields.  The more information you enter in here, the better your historical records will be.  The items in bold are generally required.

    An empty well edit page with tabs

    Note: Selecting an Operator will by default put all of that Operators contacts onto the distrobution list, thus giving them access to this wells information, if they have a login to the Extranet.

    Note: Filling in Dates will enable this feature to show up on the Extranet calendar.
  5. Proceed to fill in the rest of the tabs to your liking.  Most of the tabs are self explanatory.

  6. On the Resources & Location tab, you can center the map over where you think the location is, and click on the Use Map Center Point to get an estimated Lat & Long.  Entering location information will allow you to start building an archive of wells, which can be a great sales tool, as well as wonderful for offset logs.

  7. The Additional Files tab allows you to upload any file format to the Extranet for secure storage, and access by anyone on the distribution list for the well.

  8. The Distribution tab allows you to link contacts you've created in the Extranet to this particular well.  Please look at this article to see how to create a contact.  If you already have many contacts in your Extranet, just start typing their name in here, and it will auto complete with the name and contact info.

  9. The Assignments tab is used to specify which loggers will be assigned to this particular well.  When a user is assigned, the well shows up in their dashboard when they login.  If they have administrative access, then they will automatically see all wells company wide.

  10. The Inventory Tab is used to add equipment to the well for tracking and inventory management purposes.  When a well is automatically created, the MLogger that created it will automatically put itself on the created well.

  11. After you're done with everything, make sure and click the Save button.

You can choose to enter a note in here about what you changed, if you don't want to just click the submit button and it won't save a note.  The note entered here will show up under well revisions, with the date, time, user, and note.


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