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How to setup the iSys printer driver with different sized paper

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This document will walk you through setting up different page sizes, or setting up the iSys driver for the first time.

Once the driver is installed the only thing that needs to be added is the two different paper sizes that we support for printing, they are:
Standard - 8.500 x 6.250 inches
Wide  - 12.900 x 8.500 inches

To add these page sizes to the printer:

  1. Open your Windows Control Panel, and open up the Printers folder.  ( This is called Devices and Printers in Windows 7 )
  2. Right Click the iSys Terra 1290 printer and go down to Properties.  ( Printing preferences in Windows 7, skip to step 4 )
  3. Click the Advanced tab on the top, and then click on Printing Defaults down at the bottom of this tab.
  4. This is the screen where you can setup the default properties for the Printer.  To add a new Page Size, click on Paper Feed Options button.
  5. On the Paper Feed Options windows, click on Custom Super Long Paper ....
  6. This is where you can create the different sized paper.  Make sure to Name your paper and click on save or modify before closing this window.

    Also, entering the same Enable Cut, and Start value will enable continuous printing at top of form.

    Here are the sizes and configurations you should enter:
Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 August 2012 17:00