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How to Enable CO2 and H2S Tracks

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An MLogger TGCc (Yellow Box) is equipped with both CO2 and H2S sensors. At the time of this article some TGCc models still are not equipped with a H2S sensor.  Contact MSI if you are not sure. This article explains how to use those sensors in MControl.

Enable or Disable CO2 or H2S

By default both tracks will be enabled and recorded to your LAS export file.  To turn off/on either sensor uncheck/check the box associated with that sensor under Setup --> Misc -->Request Aux Tracks from Logger -


Change the Plot Track

Only one of the tracks can plot on MControl, by default this is the H2S sensor.  To change this press the Select.... button under Select WITS/Aux Plot Tracks and the LAS/AUX Plot Track menu will appear.  Scroll to the bottom of the list and you willl see H2S is selected.  Select C02 if that is the track you would like to plot. 


Lag the Sensors

To set the lag click on the Aux Options button under Request AUX Tracks from Logger and check the Lag This Track box.  This will lag your CO2 and H2S gas with the same lag time as you TG and Chromatograph. 


Send H2S and CO2 readings out via WITS

To send the data back to the rig via WITS goto Setup-->System-->Remote WITS Tags (to Rig).  Contact your Tool Pusher or EDR company on which channels they woul like you to broadcast these over.  The WITS tags need to be 4 digits long.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 August 2012 16:45