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MControl - Version 2-9-4 Public Release Notes

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This article annotates all new features and fixes for MControl 2.9.4002.  MControl - 2-9-4001 is the release version and includes all the fixes/features of the 2.9.0000 version series.

2.9.4002 (JUN 2012) RELEASE VERSION


  • Fixes a rounding error when using a depth tic increment of 0.50, 0.20, or 0.10

2.9.4001 (MAY 2012) RELEASE VERSION


  • Put .PPM extensions back into the LAS exports for CO2 and H2S.

2.9.4000 (APRIL 2012) VERSION


  • "Live Data Monitor" option under Tools displays a window containing various fields in a large readable format that updates in real time  [MC-58]



  • The Next/Save and Prev/Save buttons on the chromat input window now display a tooltip to be clearer about their function  [MC-56]
  • The plugged alarm "Snooze" feature now properly decrements based on actual seconds for the right amount of time (used to be 15 min when the prompt said 5 min)
  • Fixed a race condition that sometimes caused MControl to crash after hitting Apply or OK in the Setup >> Misc tab.  fclose() was pointing to a sometimes NULL file pointer
  • Fixed an issue where the user could not select a different WITS track to plot if the MLogger was in CO2 or H2S mode
  • Fixed an issue that wouldn't let the user lag Aux 1 or Aux 2 if only Aux 2 was enabled. 
  • Removed the PPM lablel in the LAS exports on CO2 and H2S.

Details on Live Data Monitor:

Total Gas value changes color based on the number of units present

Black between 0 and 1000

Dark Orange between 1000 and 5000

Dark Red at 5000 +

ROP value changes based on mode:

Displays min/ft (english & min/ft)  This is the default

Displays meter/ft (metric & min/ft)

Dipslays ft/hr (english & ft/hr)

Displays meter/hr (metric & ft/hr)

Plugged Alarm changes based on flow

CLEAR in Green when there aren't any flow issues

PLUGGED in Red when flow is prevented

Snoozed M:SS (minutes:seconds) in Yellow when snoozed its pressed on pop-up dialog (counts down from 5 minutes)

Bit Status changes based on bit position

On Bottom in Green when on bottom

Off Bottom in Yellow when off bottom

GC, TCD, and CCD volts change color based on value

Black at 0.000 +

Red when below 0.000

Aux1/2 Volts/Value change title based on Aux Detector Mode (set in m-logger.ini)

All instances of "Aux 1" become "CO2 -" in CO2 only and CO2 + H2S modes

All instances of "Aux 2" become "H2S -" in H2S only and CO2 + H2S modes

H2S Value alerts user when it reaches a certain value

Flashes in Red at 5 +

Pump status changes based on pumps circulation

Circulating in Green when at least one pump in use is circulating

Not Circulating in Yellow when none of the pumps in use are circulating

WITS status changes based on WITS connection state

OK in Green when WITS connection established

ERROR flashing in Red when connection is not established

High Contrast Mode

Changes the Gray backgrounds to Black and changes all Black text to White

Changes Red text to Pink

Changes Blue text to Light Blue

Display >> WITS Tracks

Closes the current Live Data Monitor window and opens another without the WITS Tracks shown on the side.

C1-C5 in Units/PPM/Percent

Changes the output values of C1-C5 to the corresponding units of measure as well as the titles of the fields.

WITS Tracks

Displays "No WITS tracks selected" when no aux tracks under Setup >> Misc >> Select WITS Tracks from EDR >> Select... are chosen

Displays up to 40 tracks and their current value (user selected). A value of -9999.00 indicates no data for that track coming in from the EDR

View >> Window Size Small/Large

Closes the current Live Data Monitor window and opens a smaller/larger version of the same window.



  • Now reads the default thresholds from thresholds.ini that lives on the MLogger [MC-46]
  • Sets retention windows in control packet when SAVE is clicked in the chromat window and when autointegrating  [MC-45].
  • Scale factors are not editable by default.  A checkbox will allow users to still edit those values manually  [MC-50]
  • The lag increment will be automatically calculated by default if there is a depth and if the lag is above 0.1.  Once the user sets the increment, it will no longer be automatic  [MC-54]
  • Aux 2 is now known as H2S.  This is set in the m-logger.ini in Aux Detector Mode (value of 2).  It will start plotting this track (when set) automatically  [MC-55]
  • Clicking the new Save buttons above Previous and Next in the chromat input window will save the run and update the draw curve for that run.  This makes it easier to populate the curve when varifying retention windows  [MC-56]


  • wm_hooks.dll dropped from the installer to prevent conflicts with Microsoft Security Essentials [MC-49]
  • The retention window trackbar is now larger, no longer has any tics, and shows the slide rail [MC-52]
  • Properly updates the property sheet when turning auto integrate on and off  [MC-57]
Last Updated on Friday, 01 June 2012 18:02