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MControl - Version 2-9-5 Public Release Notes

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This article annotates all new features and fixes for the MControl 2.9.5000 series.  This serires includes all the fixes/features of the 2.9.0000 version series.


2.9.5004 (JUN 2012) RELEASE VERSION


  • Use total strokes on Depth/Lag tab is no longer hidden.
  • Max Sample Interval on Misc tab is no longer hidden.

2.9.5003 (JUN 2012) RELEASE VERSION


  • Negative gas totals are no longer recorded in the LAS export.  They are set to 0 instead.  [MC-65]
  • Deleting either Wits Tag for Aux1/2 under Setup >> System and applying will leave 0000's now instead of random negative numbers.

2.9.5002 (JUN 2012) RELEASE VERSION

This build was created primarily for testing Advanced Installer's updater.


  • Added logos and custom banner to installer's dialog.

2.9.5000 (JUN 2012)


  • This version fully implements MControl HSGC (2.9.4500) without being a standalone product.  It is still compatible with with normal MLogger hardware modes.


  • Changed the URL to match the Wireless Management page when connecting with MControl remotely.

General Information:

  • High Speed Gas Chromatograph mode has a few defaults that differ from the normal TCD/CCD hardware configuration:
    • Chromat noise thresholds are ignored.  This is already handled by the High Speed Chromatograph's Integrator software, not by the MLogger.
    • Autointegrate is disabled as well as manual integration.  This is already handled by the High Speed Chromatograph's Integrator software, not by the MLogger.
    • While users cannot manually "save" chromat runs, the PPM's delivered to the MLogger by the High Speed Chromatograph are saved by the software and will show up in LAS exports (even after the chromat file has wrapped).
    • GC Interpolation and Normalize GC values are checked by default.  This will affect LAS exports accordingly.  If you only want the raw PPM/Percent/Unit values from the High Speed Chromatograph, uncheck the boxes in Setup >> Misc >> GC Interpolation.
    • The chromat curves will appear blocky in nature.  This is due to the High Speed Chromatograph's evaluated PPM's remain the same until it finishes a cycle.  TMC's Dual Channel FID is capable of 45 second chromat runs (1.5 minutes for each channel but alternating halfway between each run).  The faster the runs, the less blocky it will seem.  If you leave GC Interpolation on, however, your export will folow your Total Gas Curve instead.