How to Rig Up with OFI

Monday, 07 February 2011 18:17

MLogger Rig Up With OFI



Above is a picture of how MControl should be setup for operation with an OFI EDR.  To get to this screen select File in MControl and make sure you are on the Geolograph tab.  Here are the things you need to look at.  1. The Geolograph Type is on WITS Input.  2. The WITS Interface is selected to PETRON WITS.  3. The WITS Port is on COM2.   You can Output your Gas in any of the three selections; Units, Percent, or PPM.  The other options under Geolograph are for you to use at your discretion as usual.

To rig up your MLogger you need 2 Null Modem Cables.  The first cable needs to come from the OFI EDR output and be connected to the COM2 port in the rear of the MLogger.  This cable is sending the WITS tags from the EDR to the MLogger.  The second cable needs to run from your COM1 port on the front of the MLogger to the OFI EDR’s input connection.  This cable is sending the gas readings back to the EDR.

If you have all your settings correct and your WITS status is still blinking a red Error message contact your OFI technician and make sure that the EDR is setup correctly to send the MLogger WITS packets.

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