How to print directly to banner feed printer

Friday, 16 April 2010 21:30 GED

Instructions for printing MPLot log natively to a banner feed printer.
1.    Set your banner feed printer as the DEFAULT printer in Windows.
2.    In MPlot, in Template Management, make sure that the log fits on the page!!  If a message appears that it is too wide, then you need to reduce the width of some tracks until it fits.  Then, select FILE --> PRINTER SETUP to determine the LEFT and RIGHT margins for the DEFAULT banner feed printer.

3. Then select FILE ---> PRINT from the menu and select PDF.  Make sure the LEFT and RIGHT margins are set correctly (same margins that were displayed in the PRINTER SETUP menu, and then set the TOP and BOTTOM margins BOTH to 0.

4.  Once the TOP and BOTTOM margins are set to 0 and PDF is selected, then select PRINT, when a menu appears, type in a name for the PDF file if not already populated.

4.    Set your printer settings, as they appear on the screen shots below to print a continuous log to a banner printer.  
a.    In PROPERTIES, select PORTRAIT orientation, and set page size to 8.5” x 11”.  Be sure that PRINT LAST PAGE FIRST is NOT selected in PROPERTIES.  Set Layout to BANNER and Banner Page Size to 8.5” x 11”.  
5.  When printing a PDF using ADOBE READER, set PAGE SCALING to NONE for Adobe Reader 9.0 and earler, otherwise for Adobe Reader X, set SIZE OPTIONS to ACTUAL SIZE.  Orientation should be set to PORTRAIT or auto-portrait.


6.    NOTE:  Many of these settings can be set as DEFAULT settings by selecting PRINTING PREFERENCES, under PRINTER in Windows for the DEFAULT printer

Main Printer setup menu

Printer Properties

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