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MPlot Build 2506 - Deploy to Production

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Previous Deployed Version: 2402 - January 9th 2013
Current Deployed Version: 2506 - February 12th 2013

Change Log Notes:

MP-170 — MPlot derived VS and Northings values are equal
MP-461 — Printing to a PDF doesn't work ...
MP-595 — Printing from a PDF: java.langOutOfMemoryError:JavaHeapSpace
MP-598 — Error importing LAS File
MP-682 — Mplot Printing to TIFF
MP-812 — Having Problem Opening MPlot Logs With New Java Update
MP-825 — Linking Company Workflow change.
MP-832 — When archiving an MPlot file or doing a complete upload, keep a history of the chat's in the complete file upload.
MP-846 — The Curve Data Editor under Apply Formula is buggy as hell and functionally broke.
MP-854 — LDM: Some well's don't show on the LDM, the Depth is just set to 0
MP-856 — Stack Trace to review
MP-858 — When changing the Depth Range the log deletes all curve data.
MP-863 — Importing of depth data coming from the MLogger only happens after the last blessed depth.
MP-864 — Clients can Edit Curve data
MP-865 — Cannot drag scale changes in Viewer
MP-866 — Adding Histogram Data in a Viewer
MP-869 — When lagging in Strokes, all lagging menu's and labels should change to strokes increment.
MP-878 — Header won't clear when duplicating a well when created with earlier version.
MP-885 — Gap in data appears when blessing.
MP-889 — Configure Scales and Tracks in Time Based Data Chart - Clean Up
MP-890 — Time Based Data Curves - need to refine what is shown in here.
MP-891 — Connecting to an MLogger with an invaild IP or to one that hasn't come alive throws a bug. It should just display a message.
MP-893 — Change Deafult unit of measure of CO2 to % and H2S to PPM, not units.
MP-898 — LAS naming in the Export screen
MP-899 — When linking MPlot to MLogger well name is getting set to New Well in Extranet
MP-901 — TimeBased Chart: Curves for Hydrocarbons need to be half the weight they weight they currently are
MP-902 — Java Heap Space error when live logging is enabled but log is offline
MP-908 — Auto Import needs to respect Data Steps set in the Template Management
MP-913 — Logger Observer password must be different
MP-914 — WITS tracks from EDR are not charting
MP-919 — Setting Depth while on pump strokes not working.
MP-875 — Live Logging Menu arrangement in MPlot
MP-883 — Font Font Name
MP-900 — MControl Setup window should be back to normal size if its not in Elvis Mode
MP-482 — Give the viewer key the ability to rearrange headers and make them visible or not.
MP-871 — Oil Indicator Curve
MP-906 — Remote Zero Air is not enabled in MPlot MControl Setup
MP-917 — Add "Total Gas Offset Remote Zero" button to MControl Preference Dialog
MP-413 — Generating TIFF results in OutOfMemoryError
Usability Problem
MP-839 — When deleting a curve in the Template Management, delete the associated column definition as well
MP-879 — Headers should try to parse some fields, etc. If they can't, catch the error, and let it be a regular field.
MP-886 — Move Bless Support to the Root of the well; Once on for a well, it can't turn off
Performance Problem
MP-876 — Tomcat initial caching of wells, brings MPlotServer to a halt.