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MPlot Build 2715 - Deploy to Production

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Previous Deployed Version: 2506 - February 12th 2013
Current Deployed Version: 2715 - May 6th 2013

Change Log Notes:


MP-516 — Changing depth range inadvertently changes data stepping.
MP-521 — Support for whitespace in MPlot notes
MP-568 — Need to be able to import LAS files w/ TIME field
MP-798 — Importing Survey Data
MP-857 — Exporting values for Interpolated data
MP-861 — Importing Surveys from Clipboard will skip surveys
MP-862 — Painting Lith in the Interp Lith track will change starting point
MP-958 — Import Mapping Bug when importing calculations
MP-1010 — MPlotSessions: Chatting users appear and then drop off then back again.
MP-1012 — Alarm Problem: AES (AlarmEngineServer) is taking way too long to register alarms. Been running for 3 hours, still has yet to come across data to trigger alarm
MP-1013 — Alarm Dialog: When editing an alarm, it doesn't get initialized correctly
MP-1014 — Stacktrace: When users are prompted to save a file, while doing non-undoable actions, they cancel out ?
MP-1026 — TIFF Duplication
MP-1027 — PNG - Black Background
MP-1037 — Tried to add a Gamma curve to a blank log.
MP-1039 — When Depth Range is set, we should use the starting depth of the user defined Depth Range
MP-1040 — When Exporting a TIFF, PNG, set the filename to that of the well name by default
MP-1041 — Exporting Text Notes is defective, in need of repair, on the blink, and out of commission.
MP-1042 — When importing attached .csv file MPlot only imported the first Bit Data notes
MP-1053 — When printing a PDF, if the file can't be overwritten, please indicate to the user to close down the PDF, and try again.
MP-1065 — Selecting Lithology: Rendered as white when you click on it.
MP-1066 — When moving or adding a scale change it previews all the curves in the track, not just the curve/curves associated with the scale change.
MP-511 — Fix Cosmetic Printing issues
MP-669 — Header Names Need To Be Rotated 180 Degrees
MP-783 — When changing the NOTE TEMPLATES Styles, the current Font Type and Size do not appear in the menu
MP-922 — Narrow tracks will cause the labels in the track headers to get cropped
MP-975 — Add the "X" lithology to the %Lith list
MP-998 — Changes to Metric Mode for defining measurement
MP-1000 — Scroll Log when editing beyond point on screen.
MP-1005 — Add a "add" and "remove" button on the Scale Change dialog
MP-1023 — Clean up error message when entering a logarithmic magnitude outside of the range.
MP-1031 — Changes to Note Templete Management
MP-671 — Images Need To Project Backwards Instead Of Forward
MP-712 — Give MPlot the ability to import a file with depth upside down.
MP-766 — Setting Up Live Logging As A Viewer
MP-926 — If using the wrong input string on Logarithmic Orders of Magnitude throw an Error message not a bug.
MP-1020 — Notes on Horz logs should use the center point for the MD
MP-1045 — Disable Live Logging menu items when live logging is not enabled.
MP-222 — Allow alignment specification of notes
MP-449 — Add a Casing symbol to the engineering palette.
MP-604 — Have the ability to chop a Lithology in two, think slicing
MP-621 — Need an option in NOTE TEMPLATE management menu, to allow user to select which TRACK to insert particular types of NOTES
MP-943 — When inserting % Lith if you enter more then 100% throw error.
MP-956 — Add a mouseover to data on the log.
MP-960 — Create Gamma thumbnails to underlay on the TVD curve.
MP-995 — Add feature to be able to display Chromats in PPM, Unit, or % when linked to Total Gas.
MP-997 — Images need to scale to whatever the "tiling" setting is - both directions, larger and smaller
MP-1017 — Auto Fill the Depth in a Note when adding a new note.
MP-1019 — Note Template Visibility
MP-413 — Generating TIFF results in OutOfMemoryError
MP-1015 — Discussion: Alarm Email and SMS body
Usability Problem
MP-446 — Make clicking Column Header to open Templete Management a double-click instead of a single click.
MP-605 — Improve the default lithology description abbreviation list
MP-667 — Dragging and dropping .txt files does not work
MP-928 — LAS options on export should include exporting a LAS 2 or LAS 3 file
MP-1018 — Note Template Changes
MP-1047 — Hide LiveLogging menu completely when LiveLogging isn't enabled.
MP-1055 — File Menu - Change the order, labels, and small functional tweak
MP-1061 — Need the ability to specify a track for the Specify Import Mappings' New Curve