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MPlot Build 2886 - Deploy to Production

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Previous Deployed Version: 2715 - May 6th 2013
Current Deployed Version: 2886 - July 11th 2013

Change Log Notes:

MP-433 — Pasting into a Note does not work.
MP-491 — When updating Histogram Axis Labels or track Names they do not update right away from Template Management
MP-517 — After creating TVD log from MD log, no longer able to add surveys to Survey Table on MD log
MP-877 — The chat history is not displayed if logging into a well for the first time.
MP-929 — When entering ' for the foot symbol in the header MPlot ignores and erases it.
MP-965 — Creating multiple TVD curves from multiple sets of Surveys is not possible, data is placed on top of existing data.
MP-1010 — MPlotSessions: Chatting users appear and then drop off then back again.
MP-1022 — When adding a new scale change, preview scale change shows up as GAS scale.
MP-1030 — We should never have to merge files with Updated File Record Broadcasts
MP-1054 — When -- shows on an LAS treat as -9999.
MP-1057 — Need to take out Add Gamma in Vertical log menu
MP-1069 — Survey Bugs
MP-1072 — TIFF, PDF, and PNG Images don't respect Export Range
MP-1075 — When the log doesn't fit on the whole screen one can't move an object
MP-1081 — Text Notes are not displayed correctly in the Note Template Management->Data screen
MP-1084 — Comparator in Alarm Edit Dialog changes when changing action type.
MP-1090 — Depth marks don't repaint upon opening time based chart.
MP-1105 — Left-clicking anywhere in the % Lith track throws a Null Pointer Exception
MP-1109 — Exception thrown when @NotNull method is returning NULL
MP-1113 — Messages needs to render the HTML
MP-1122 — When updating on the standalone version it gives the error "Some of the updates failed to install properly"
MP-1134 — Division by zero error
MP-602 — Tiff is exporting 5.67" instead of 8.3"
MP-427 — Add a menu item to show/hide notes which would not print at the current visibility
MP-966 — Add Depth to the left hand side of the Draw Line on Cursor feature
MP-970 — Admin: Session List Cleanup
MP-996 — Add feature to link Chromat Scales when they are not linked to Total Gas
MP-1038 — Add Right click support for Notes
Usability Problem
MP-1016 — When adding a new scale change, show preview of new curve positions in relation to the scale change.
MP-1091 — Read-Only License: Disable the ability to send edits that change Horizontal / Vertical
MP-1111 — If the thumbnail is too big, lets just render some text saying Thumbnail Not Available
Meta Issue
MP-1056 — MPlotSession Reporting