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MPlot Build 2976 - Deploy to Production

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Previous Deployed Version: 2886 -July 11th 2013
Current Deployed Version: 2976 - August 15th 2013

Change Log Notes:

MP-1104 — Stack Trace: java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException
MP-1131 — Changing the name of a note template in Note Template Management changes the name of that note template and the next note template selected.
MP-1142 — Show a valid message to users if they open a non .wlog or .mplot file through the file open menu.
MP-1144 — Better Logging for this
MP-1149 — Duplicating Wells: Header doesn't get uploaded to the Extranet, causing an NPE when sending MPlot Link
MP-1155 — Cannot reimport images after deleting images
MP-1157 — Survey notes are not respecting font fields
MP-1161 — Image Imports creating large depth ranges
MP-1163 — Blinking log / inexplicable depth changes
MP-1164 — Duplicating a well: No Well found with key mplotUUID matching UUID
MP-1165 — SymbolType error: Illegal argument exception
MP-1169 — Editing a curve when the scale is flipped
MP-1175 — Avoid number format exceptions occurring for header edits with a ' symbol
MP-1180 — Importing same set of surveys twice throws NPE
MP-1098 — Resize the Chat icon so that the button height is the same as the other buttons in the row
MP-671 — Images Need To Project Backwards Instead Of Forward
MP-468 — Ability to choose from which side of %lith imported ranges come in (i.e. carbonates from left, clastics from right)
MP-1156 — Exporting pictures from MPlot
MP-1172 — Allow MPlot Viewer to open a translated version of the sample description.
MP-1179 — Show proper error dialog for non-importable file types
Usability Problem
MP-1130 — No longer allow Survey Data template to be deleted
MP-1159 — Add a sanity check to Depth Range
MP-1177 — Importing .bmp not working correctly when image track is available.
MP-1178 — Replace irregular apostrophes when exporting LAS
Last Updated on Thursday, 15 August 2013 23:45