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MPlot Build 3330 - Deploy to Production

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Previous Deployed Version: 3199 - December 10th 2013
Current Deployed Version: 3330 - February 27th 2014

Change Log Notes:

MP-1006 — Aux1 and Aux2 curves need to be auto enabled when selected in ControlPacket, and visible on Time Chart
MP-1063 — Misc Cleanup
MP-1083 — AlarmEngine: Shouldn't try to process OnScreen Alarms... could this be blocking other alarms for this well ?
MP-1087 — % Lith Bug Report
MP-1107 — Stuck in a loop while viewing Time Based Data
MP-1115 — NPE when you leave MPlotSessionReport and then come back.
MP-1123 — Formatting the font in a text note (bold, italic, underline, font color) causes loss of spaces.
MP-1124 — Opening Standalone MPlot from a Template
MP-1254 — Importing a curve with a different data step than a previously imported curve could prevent some curves from using block rendering.
MP-1264 — Retina connections do not have chromats
MP-1266 — No longer advance the depthRec in the MLogger Setup if the depth is not set.
MP-1269 — Don't automatically round scale display - display literal values.
MP-1271 — Fix scale change legends so that they do not overlap
MP-1282 — Include option to remove "Start log at top of form"
MP-1288 — Display exact percent lithology marker values in mouse over tooltip
MP-1289 — Percent Lithology Values
MP-1304 — Exporting % Lithology
MP-1127 — Fully disassociate duplicated logs from the MLogger
MP-1252 — Add iC5 and nC5 as curve types in the drop-down list
MP-1270 — Change Retina LDM display to show whole numbers only for Gas PPMs
MP-1297 — Clean up the Curve Type drop-down list
MP-1315 — Change Print Interpolated Data Points to Export Interpolated Data Points
MP-1324 — Show error message instead of bug report for improper auto-backup directory
MP-578 — Register custom URL handler for MPlot. mplot://[MPlot UUID] should open an MPlot well
MP-994 — We need to enable more tracks for Elvis
MP-1097 — Automated Licensing via Extranet
MP-1206 — Add ability to create horizontal lines across a vertical log.
MP-1208 — Add capability to monitor a folder for an LAS file and auto import the LAS.
MP-1246 — Add a track for Colorimetry
MP-1260 — Option for not shifting notes when shifting curve data
MP-1267 — Add a length measurement to the log of actual length at given scale
MP-1268 — Add ability to specify scale change frequency in depth at different scales.
MP-1277 — Shift + Scroll functionality for Windows
MP-1281 — Need to support large format headers
MP-1284 — Add line pattern/thickness attributes for the Zone track
MP-1285 — Allow users to choose a color for Lithology Symbols
MP-1292 — Turning off auto-imported curves
MP-1314 — Create black and white print option
MP-1317 — Add chromat charting/editing functionality in MPlot
Performance Problem
MP-1116 — MPlotServer: We should catch these exceptions
MP-1080 — UI Cleanup
MP-1209 — Add a nemonic for Symbol Templates.
MP-1286 — Automate Licensing for Standalone version
MP-1307 — Launch Registration dialog on fresh installation of MPlot
MP-1318 — Change Send MPlot Link to use new URL Protocol for standalone
Usability Problem
MP-839 — When deleting a curve in the Template Management, delete the associated column definition as well
MP-1114 — SocketSucker: Needs to poll the Extranet to see if it should switch wells.
MP-1128 — Clear the Chat dialog when using Duplicate Well With New Name
MP-1230 — Ensure Standalone MPlot has offline launches to begin with
MP-1259 — Auto-importing calculated curves
MP-1274 — Show warning dialog instead of bug report for deleting survey data from multiple tracks at the same time.
MP-1287 — Export topmost percent lithology markers.
MP-1296 — Expand AFE number field length
MP-1327 — Help Tips in Template Management do not work

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