Mplot Build 3469 - Deploy to Production

Friday, 30 May 2014 17:59 Carl Blum

Previous Deployed Version: 3330 - February 27th 2014

Current Deployed Version: 3469 - May 30th 2014

MP-884 -- Set default Printer Margins after user selects File-->Print
MP-1269 -- Don't automatically round scale display - display literal values.
MP-1339 -- .MPLOT file extension recognition
MP-1342 -- Remove trailing space for pdf file names.
MP-1343 -- MPlot Header Cropping
MP-1346 -- Turning SPWLA Header On and Off
MP-1351 -- MPlot Standalone will not open .wlog files
MP-1352 -- isPrintOnSinglePage not calculating quite enough length
MP-1367 -- LAS exports with scientific notation
MP-954 -- Resize Depth Labels on Live Data Logging Screen
MP-1357 -- Time Chart: Display the Well Name in Title Bar
MP-1248 -- Add a track footer
MP-1260 -- Option for not shifting notes when shifting curve data
MP-1283 -- New Feature: Custom Curve Thresholds
MP-1301 -- Add options for Wrap Fill
MP-1310 -- Adjusting Zone depths
MP-1311 -- Exporting Zones to an LAS
MP-1312 -- Add Draw Border and Opaque to the Text Note template
MP-1341 -- Implement Footer Legend
MP-1345-- Note Fill Feature
Usability Problem
MP-1353 -- Text fields in the Other tab of the Header
MP-1354 -- Move calculation formula to top of template management screen
MP-1359 -- Null Pointer Exception: Send MPlot Link with "no well"
MP-1361 -- MPlot LAS has a 0' Data Step
MP-1363 -- Template Management dialog can be lost and renders MPlot unusable.
MP-1365 -- Import LAS generated from the Chromalogger
MP-1365 Import LAS generated from the Chromalogger
The LAS we generate in Chromalogger is different than the one initially used to create the Colorimetry track in MP-1246. Need to have the Colorimetry track be able to use the data from an LAS generated by the Chromalogger.