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MPlot Build 3565 - Deploy to Production

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Previous Deployed Version: 3469 - May 30th 2014

Current Deployed Version: 3565 - Junly 29th 2014

MP-1228 — Survey Notes will not align to the top or bottom of the Well Bore track
MP-1231 — Bring TVD Gamma thumbnail to front
MP-1308 — Logarithmic Scale on Horizontal logs
MP-1309 — Editing chromat curves
MP-1364 — Killing Undo and Redo
MP-1367 — LAS exports with scientific notation
MP-1368 — Applying a formula from the Curve Data Table will cause some columns to render incorrectly
MP-1373 — Shifting Curve Data
MP-1378 — .wlog address save
MP-1386 — Printing a well with curve that filled above a threshold caused an Out of Memory error.
MP-1394 — Exporting histograms would print the incorrect value of the marker
MP-1062 — Centering notes revamp
MP-1383 — Logged Interval field in Header
MP-1388 — Print Setup Dialog throws an Exception when there are no install printers
MP-1392 — NPE thrown when shifting curves when "Adjust Depth for Notes and Markers" is unchecked.
MP-1298 — Histogram track entries
MP-1306 — Printing to PDFs without page break lines
MP-1376 — Allow exporting and importing of lithology abbreviations
MP-1389 — need to be able to open "specify import mappings" without a .las
MP-1096 — Advanced Installer Notes
Usability Problem
MP-1313 — Export topmost percent lithology markers when they are partially covering other markers.
MP-1387 — Select all text when tabbing between fields