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MPlot 4208

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MPlot - 4208


Users can now right-click on the header in Depth Plot/Live Logging Dialog to turn on/off different curves.

Added option for a banner within the Operator tab of the header dialog.

Bug Fixes:

Removed “Repair Chromat Data” function for now.  This isn’t necessary and only breaks other functionality like chromat file percentage calculations.

Fixed an issue where a gas kick within a non circulating section could end up in the depth based data.

Fixed a couple of slight inaccuracies with surface lag.

Added some null pointer error prevention to the setup menu.

Remote connections now work properly between MPlot and MControl 3 clients.

Viewer licenses no longer lose offline launches and will never ask for an extranet login.


Chromat x and y axes now have an automatic option that will show a "curve zoom” for that particular axis.

Users can now see the normalized chromat values in the Time Based Data table.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 03 November 2015 18:02