Converting LAS to Excell files

Thursday, 05 February 2015 21:39 John Thai

Converting LAS to Excell files

- Open the LAS file in notepad and delete  the LAS header information.

- The first line should be the column information.

    ~A Depth Index        TVD        ROP        Gas         C1         C2         C3         C4         C5   Temp_Out        WOB

- Save and close the LAS file.

- Open Excel.

- Open the LAS file using excell. Choose File->Open.

- If you cannot find your LAS file, choose to view all files to show the LAS file.

- The import file screen should appear.

- Step 1, make sure "Fixed width" is selected. Click on Next.


- Step 2, make sure all the data is line up in the correct column. Column selection instructions are above the data.  Click on Next when    complete.


- Step 3, verify the data is correct and click on finish.


- The LAS data should be correctly formated in excell.

- Save the file as an excell spreadsheet by chooseing "File->Save As".

- Save the document as "Excell 97-2003 Workbook". Click on Save.


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