How do I recover lost data in W.I.S.E.?

Thursday, 08 May 2014 19:59 John Thai

How do I recover lost data in W.I.S.E.?



Missing data from the database may occur by:

1. Accidental backwards depth correction

a. EX: The logger accidentally does a backwards depth correction from 10,000 feet to 900 feet (Supposed to be 10,000 – 9,000 feet). Realizes his mistake and makes a forward depth correction from 900 feet – 9,000 feet. There is now missing data from 900 – 9,000 feet.

2. Accidental correction

a. EX: The logger corrects a depth. Then later realizes he corrected the wrong depth, he may recover the data before it was corrected and place it back into the original depth.

Recovering missing data is only available for the accidental backwards depth correction and the accidental correction in the database editor.

1. Click Edit → Database → Editor

2. Click on the Depth Correction tab

3. Click Data → View → Depth Correction

4. The database for Depth Correction is formatted differently than the Depth Edit or Time Base database

a. There is an additional column listed as Primary Keys

b. This is listed because multiple Depth Corrections for a particular foot can occur. The earliest Depth Corrections is listed as Primary Keys 1 and continue down as a Depth Correction is made.

5. Find the Depth Index missing

6. Click a particular variable cell and drag your mouse down until the entire missing Depth Index is highlighted

7. Once all missing data has been highlighted, click on Edit → Copy

8. Click on the Depth Edit tab

9. Click Data → View → Depth Edit

10. Scroll down to your missing depth and click in the variable box you have copied

11. Click Edit → Paste

12. All of your missing data should now be filled in with the copied data from the Depth Correction database

13. Repeat this process for the remainder of variables