Why does the value of a variable look wrong?

Thursday, 08 May 2014 20:32 John Thai

Why does the value of a variable look wrong?



1. Print the file "C:\WISE Documents\Variable_information.xls"

2. Go to Edit → Configure Variables

3. Go to the Configure Variable tab

4. Choose the affected variable from the Choose Variable to Configure drop-down list

5. Check the Raw Input ID, Formula, Locked checkbox, Lock value, and Recording option

6. If the variable is calibrated

a. Click on the Set Formula button

b. Click on the Calibration button

c. Check the calibration numbers against those in your Pipe Talley book

d. An earlier calibration can be loaded

i. Click on the Load button

ii. Select the desired calibration from the drop-down list

iii. Click on the Select button

7. If any changes were made

a. Click Save → OK → OK