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What do I do after I re-boot the computer system?

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What do I do after I re-boot the computer system?



1. Start the TEL-RTU

a. Connect the TEL monitor to the TEL computer.

b. Select option b for 16 channel TEL RTU

c. You should see a black screen with yellow and green characters

d. Connect the TEL monitor to the laptop

2. Start the WISE Logging System

a. Boot up the laptop

b. Double click on "Shortcut to OmniView.exe".

c. Click on MasterNode → Previous Wells → Marathon

3. Setup Logging System

a. Enter the correct total depth and bit depth

b. Enter the correct block height.

c. Enter the correct annular volume.

d. Verify data is received from the RTU.

e. Start the printer output

4. Setup the TMC Integrator

a. Start up the integrator CPU.

b. The Integrator should start up automatically.

c. Check the TCP/IP under Network Status. Green is done, red means Integrator is not sending data. Read #5

5. Troubleshooting the Integrator

a. On the OmniSystem go to

i. File → Import → Chromatograph

b. Stop the chromatograph importer and start it

Re-start the TMC Integrator and check for the green signal.